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All-Art is born from a personal idea grown up for years and years before being launched. This idea is born from this analysis:

A lot of art lovers and collectors would like to get original artworks from galleries or auction sales but are restricted by high prices. Without direct link to the artists, they hardly can reach those sales reserved to the elites.

It’s with pride, pleasure and a complete respect we can notice the success of a lot of “Street artists”. They shoot up in the most famous galleries in the world, and auctions grow up in international sales. This Art, usually summed up by “Street Art”, is completely gone from the street, thereby a working class art.

Here is the main idea:
Create a popular product, collector’s, of high quality and as good as art galleries and luxury brands service who work with street artists. I hope my product to be accessible such as its price for art lovers.
The t-shirt came into being the ideal support for the posting artwork. Internationally popular, it can perfectly show off and make artwork travel around the world.

Then we focused on everything mentioned hereinabove but also ethical, ecological and cultural facets which are dear to All-Art.

Over a first phase, 12 artists agreed to collaborate with the brand. The whole project has been presented to all of them, and an entire agreement including morals and brand ideology has been necessary to make a perfect collaboration.

That’s the reason each artist committed to realize an unique artwork, only for All-Art customers. Each and every artwork is available in 100-items-limited-edition. With every copy, a certificate, numbered and signed by the artist, is supplied, to confirm the exactness of the product. For finishing touches quality, on a part with the artwork, a hot stamped leather sticker with the artist signature, will be hand-stitched at the left-down-corner of the t-shirt.

There will be 4 collections a year, with 12 new artists for every collection who’ll collaborate with All-Art.

About the service, with All-Art the t-shirt is delivered to the customer in its “Spray Cans”, a unique and design packaging. The short and mostly french tour allows us to propose an environmentally responsible product, a collector’s piece of high quality, labelled Oeko-Tex, WRAP, for a total of 89€ all taxes include.

With All-Art, you don’t buy a t-shirt, you buy a concept.

joconde avec cadre

All the artworks proposed in our collections, are well-none artists original and exclusive productions who are used to exhibit.

tshirt print

Our tee-shirts and printings are high quality and attractive as the artworks. Moreover we add a 100% french craft and skill mainly located in France southwest .

packaging 2

A unique packaging for a unique artworks. Globaly designed and made in France


The spraycan box is a packging, designed by Mr Romain ALLART.

Producted in France with 100% french materials.


Our tee-shirts are hand made in France southwest, in designer house studio subsisting since 1949.

Our cotton comes from India, spined in Germany then knitted in this designer house studio.


Our printings are as attractive as the artworks, thanks to the very latest numerical way of printing.

They are carefully made one by one, in small studio down to the Pyrénées.


As gift, we give you outstanding hot stamped leather label signed by the artists and made in our studio.


The currents collection’s artists signatures has been carefully angraved on brass slab, in order to hotstamp our labels.

Our slabs are angraved in France southwest, by a professionnal used to work with several designer house studios like Repetto, Hermès, Cartier.