Sly2 - Paris (Fr)

Sly2 :

I’m Sly2, a self-taught artist born in 1984 near Paris.
Since my childhood, comic books feed my universe. A pen on a table, a stick on the sand, everything is a reason to draw, create and trace my own world.
Always seeking new artistic explorations, a sheet of paper wasn’t enough anymore. I wanted to see wider! Around the end of the 90’s, I embrace graffiti and start to make walls speak within 3PP. Portraits has become one of my preferred subject.
Travel from Ouagadougou to New-York, Dakar in Serbia including Ireland, Germany and Spain… As years go, my art gets involve, grows up, expands.
In perpetual questioning about surrounded world, I really need to express myself urgently. I decide to share my work to settle a dialogue. If walls have ears, they also can speak!
Wandering from paper to walls, bodies and canvas, photography is ever-present to me. But it’s thanks to the medium that my art exists. It’s the witness of my short-lived paintings, releases my ideas. And above all stops time in this too-speed world.
Having time to breathe out, having time to come in my universe…”