Ogre - Paris (Fr)

With a certainly unorthodox but easily recognizable style, Ogre is one of the french artists you often spot on the European graffiti scene.
Voracious of travels to cities and events, he delivers graffiti of the highest quality over and over.
His hunger for development led his style to be descrided by his peers as organic, robotic, curvy, wild and spontaneous. The balances of colourschemes, upstrokes and downstrokes are the preponderance of his entire body of work. Abstract works are becoming more and more present in his work.
Over the last two decades, he put a constant effort to also work with firms in a such a successfull way that he had the privilege to be sponsored by brands like Montanacolors, Posca, Liquitex, Zoo York and Nixon.
Some of his most outstanding projects were a window display for the luxury brand Chanel, a charity auction sale in the presence of Philippe Starck and The Cabinet de Curiosités de Thomas Erber 2014 in Bangkok.


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