Isham - Lille (Fr)

Hachim Bahous Aka Isham (D32-MACIA) :

Born in Casablanca, arrived in Maubeuge at the age of 4 when his father came to work at Chausson (formerly MCA), Isham became drawing passionate very quickly. “It came simply when I was a child. I used to read a lot of American comics that I reproduced.”
Family story? “My big brother is a very good drawer. He didn’t teach me but it may have motivated me.” His talent is finally recognized in his area, and Hip-hop crews appeals to him. Then he became one of the ATM “African Tagueurs Maubeuge”
Jules Verne secondary school, then Pierre-Flo, the fine arts school of Douai, and Valencienne’s one. “My application to fine arts school was kind of fate, because didn’t even thought I’d get my baccalaureate.” Finally he got national art degree, but doesn’t exactly know how to use it.
“Step by step I finally became a graffiti artist, tells Isham. Some of my friends launched the first hip-hop store in Lille urban area, in Roubaix. They asked us to paint the store. Then people began to place order to us.” The ATM group finally ends up. To Isham, graffiti is turning into an obsession. Conscientious objector, he arrived at Maubeuge Local Mission to raise awareness among art, then took part in a hip-hop festival and start to expose his first canvas works.
After that, he moved to London, found little jobs and made a lot of graffities for a year and a half.
Back in Lille, he turned into a graphic computer designer carrier, has been hired in a public relations corporate in 2000, where he ended as Artistic Director, working on proposal like Amadou & Mariam audio CD ou Mano Negra DVD. Since 2004, Hachim Bahous is a freelancer. Graphic designer, ceramicist, illustrator, he just won the tender for the candidacy of the mining area to Unesco graphic charter creation. In between, he has attacked the walls of various countries in Europe, Montreal, San Francisco and especially New York where he met the graffiti pioneers.


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