Dashe - Paris (Fr)


Dashe was a Graphic Art passionate child, he discovered graffiti in 2003. Then he showed appeal for the study of letter and imposing and complex frescos realization. Moreover, he became attached with the link he created thanks to graffiti, meetings he prompts and wealth it brings to him.
Then he took the initiative to travel around the world. He took his curiosity and look on a trip to Asia, Australia, and each corner of Europe or South America. What he was expecting was increasing meetings to involve his creativity and get more inspiration, while looking for himself. At the beginning of 2011, during his trip in Australia, once again he bumped into tattoo. Kind of revelation, now this discipline is a full part of his work. Today again, Sheuda express himself in several sector, short-lived realizations with paint and graffiti, others more durable with the Tatoo. Both approaches and universes are, at least on paper, way far different, but in practice, similar in many angles. Comfortable with several level of the creative sphere, he focuses as on the form than on the substance.
Today he tries his hardest to match and play with words and signs, letter work and picture being kind of bridge between those two creative passions.

Audio Tape 1.0

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