Astro - Paris (Fr)


Astro :

Drawing as destiny.

books of his childhood on the walls of his adolescence, Astro has continued to put his creativity to his art. An art he chooses urban, first as “beat maker” in Hip-hop’s golden age, then as a graffiti artist in 2000 when he joined the collective native of Val d’Oise ( ODV).
As and extent Astro perfected his skills and technique to tighten finally to the “Wildstyle” such as Hartung, Zao Wou-Ki or Mucha, Astro has created his own universe in particular exploiting the subtlety of light and shadow the power of color, perspective depths. A job that prints on both walls on canvas, but also on the stretch film (cellophane), thanks to a new technique called “CellGraff” which he created in 2006 with the artist Kanos.
His breath and originality are a must Astro artist of street art in token presence in many international festivals. He now is part of the collective CBS from Los Angeles.

Astro Skull

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